7-V Ranch

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7-V Ranch Outfitters provides Big game and Bird hunting opportunities in Montana for Deer, Antelope, Elk, Hungarian partridge, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Merriam turkeys, Canadian Geese, Ring-necked Pheasants, and Ducks. Glen and Peggy Childers were one of four pioneers in Montana to begin guiding hunters in the early 1950's.

The 7-V Ranch Outfitters is one of the oldest outfitting businesses in the state of Montana. We hunt in terrain that is varied from deep tree covered ravines to rolling prairie that encompasses roughly 80 square miles in size. Four-wheel trucks are the transportation of choice with spot and stalk or staking out water holes. We also take non hunting partners who may ride along for the hunt or stay in camp and relax. All meals are provided consisting of a full breakfast, packed lunches, or lunch in camp, and a full dinner when you return at night. Deer hunting in area 700 can be fun and challenging depending upon your skill and mobility. Antelope hunting takes patience and fortitude. Wind and terrain can make your hunt very interesting. Elk hunting in area 798 is done with a bow or a rifle. There are also Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, Merriam turkeys, Canadian geese, ringneck pheasants, and ducks to hunt here at the 7-V Ranch.
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