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hunter setting up trail camera

Top 4 Hunting Technology Advancements

The modern hunter has unrestricted access to the latest hunting technology with real-time data and forecasting capabilities— virtually eliminating any guesswork. Check out our lineup of top hunting technology below.


  1. Ozone Generators

Portable Ozone generators are used to flood the airstream and oxidize bacteria on a molecular level. These generators are used to remove lingering odors that hunters create or contact on their clothing or gear that could be detrimental to the hunt. These devices are particularly useful for deer hunting where scent masking is crucial. They are ideally lightweight and are manufactured for outdoor use with rechargeable batteries and mounting accessories. These devices are also useful in vehicles and other outdoor recreation such as camping. Purifier hourly ozone output and deodorizer area coverage may vary by device.


  1. Wind Map Technology

Animated wind mapping is a useful tool for analyzing real-time data of wind direction and force over time for a specific hunting area. Air current and flow trends are used to predict and forecast the hunter’s scent drift impact over time. This scent drift technology allows the target to perceive the hunter as a distant threat rather than an imminent threat.


  1. Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are not new technology for hunting, but they are rapidly becoming more advanced. Trail cameras are used to capture remote recordings and images of targeted wildlife, as well as identifying additional hunting opportunities in a select location. These cameras allow the hunter to better understand the target’s behavior and habitat. Recordings or images are typically time stamped and triggered by certain behaviors, such as motion or timers. Battery operated film and digital units include device storage that must be retrieved. Advanced wireless options share captures directly to the hunter’s desktop or phone. Trail camera capabilities include flash, no glow, burst mode and more.


  1. GPS apps

GPS technology has opened a whole new playing field for hunters nationwide. These apps provide a comprehensive database of public and private land boundaries with high-res aerial and topographical 3D mapping. A key feature of these applications is their ability to create custom area mapping and provide offline map access. Many GPS applications integrate with both iOS and Android handheld devices.

New technology in hunting has become the best gear for your hunting trip. With the latest hunting technology available, it may be challenging to preserve traditional hunting methods. However, both traditional and contemporary methods are equally effective when used properly.


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