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Hunting at sunset

Best Gear for Your Hunting Trip

1.) Game Camera – A game camera is used to monitor your hunting grounds when you are hunting elsewhere. Using Bluetooth connectivity, your camera will alert your smartphone of any animal activity in the area. With built-in infrared night vision technology, your game camera never sleeps, even when you do.


2.) Swiss Army Knife – Featuring an array of tools, these knives are a must-have for hunters of any level. Most Swiss army knives include basic features such as saws, screw driver, scissors, rulers, and can openers, making them an invaluable tool when prowling through the woods in search of your next trophy.


3.) Confidence Decoy – When hunting waterfowl (ducks, geese, and other aquatic birds), luring in your target is rarely an easy task. Hunting decoy will give the birds the false idea that the area is safe, giving you the upper hand as they settle in with their false friends.


4.) Climbing Treestand – One of the most dangerous aspects of hunting, made easy. Rather than having to settle for an uncomfortable and unsafe branch to perch on, the treestand provides a stable and comfortable seat while you quietly await your next target.


5.) Handheld GPS – Hunting grounds can often be difficult and disorienting, especially when you find yourself trekking through heavily wooded areas. Using the handheld GPS, you and your hunting partners will always have a helping hand in navigating the confusing landscape.


6.) Electronic Hearing Protection – A keen sense of hearing is vital when surveying the woods for the crunch of a leaf beneath the hoof of a deer, or the whisper of a pheasant’s wings as it sails between the trees. Using the electronic earpiece, microchip technology recognizes harmful loud noises and muffles them out, preventing damage to the eardrums. At the same time, the device amplifies the soft and quiet sounds of nature that every hunter adores.


7.) Scent Killers – While an expensive cologne may help you out elsewhere, it will do the opposite on the hunting grounds. Many creatures depend on their sense of smell to detect food and danger, and unnatural scents are easily detectable by animal, alerting the wildlife of your whereabouts. By washing your clothes with scent killing detergent, your clothes become odor-free, giving you yet another advantage over your four-legged friends.


8.) Laser rangefinder – When hunting from a respectable distance, accuracy becomes a demanding task. This tool allows you to precisely measure the distance between you and your target, and adjust your aim as needed. After all, you’ve only got one shot before your target takes off in a flash of panic.


9.) Hunting Tent – The best hunting trips are those that last longer than a day, and there is no better spot to rest than right where the action takes place. With a Canvas tent, you’ve got the choice of either breathability (for hot, summer nights) or thermal (for frigid winters) material, allowing you to comfortably relax in between sessions. The shelter also provides moisture and insect resistance, you will wake up feeling refreshed and prepared.


10.) First-Aid Kit – They call it “the wild” for a reason; you never know what to expect. When embarking on a trip that involves guns, knives, and wild animals, a first aid kit is necessary. The case should include all your basic necessities (bandages, tweezers, antiseptics, aspirin, etc.) as well as any other items you may need. You may want to consider insect repellent, itch cream, and bear repellent to keep away unwanted visitors.


Hunting requires focus, patience, and a love for the sport. You’ve got to understand your surroundings and use them to your advantage. Using the items listed above, you will not only gain an even bigger advantage over your woodland opponents, but you will have your hunting friends in awe of your next-level gear.