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Rifle and backpack

Gifts for the Hunter: 15 Ideas

If you’re in the process of searching for a gift for a hunter-enthusiast, it at may at first seem like an overwhelming process because of what seems to be a flow of endless options. While there’s a variety of different types of hunting and the necessities that go with each one, it’s tough to weed out a good gift that a hunter will be using for years.


Here are 15 fun and practical gift ideas for the hunter in your life that go a beyond the classic mug and t-shirt:

1.) A Good Cooler
Any hunter will appreciate a high-quality cooler. There are many different sizes to choose from: from extra-large, to something just big enough to keep beer cold on a hot summer scouting trip. From Cabela’s to Yeti, there is so many options to find a great cooler in your price range.

2.) Two-Way Radio
Also known as “walkie talkies,” two-way radios let hunters communicate with each other miles away while out in the woods, far away from cell phone towers.

3.) Shooting Vest
Bird hunters need a good shooting vest. While a shooting vest is utilitarian, it’s also part of the tradition, like an element of a uniform, a reason alone that makes it a great hunter gift. Vests also can be customized – and come in many varieties with optional pockets, water bottle holders, and so much more.

4.) Waterproof Action Camera
Some cameras like the GoPro HERO6 Black camera can be mounted to a bow or shotgun, or be attached to a head band or chest mount. With video quality and enhanced video stabilization, the hunter in your life can record their adventures with ease!

5.) Hunting keychain
Sometimes a personalized keychain is the perfect cherry on top. Websites like Etsy feature sellers that can create something personal to commemorate a recent trip or just feature a simple name.


6.) Hunting Crate by ManCrate
This is the epitome of a fun gift. Whether you're gifting for a rifler, bowhunter, or trapper, the Hunting Crate will keep him unscented and unseen. Watch out – this gift comes delivered in a sealed crate with a crowbar!

7.) Weather proof clothing
Base layers, a.k.a. long underwear, are the perfect gift for a cold-weather hunter. Wool layering shirts and wool socks will keep them nice and warm.

8.) Cooling Towel
On the flip side, if you have a warm weather hunter in your life, a cooling towel is a great gift they may not even realize exists. Think: inexpensive, easy to use, and stays cold for hours!

9.) Lifeproof Phone Case
LifeProof cases are fully sealed and let you pack your tech along on your adventures, keeping you connected every soggy, snowy, and muddy step of the way.

10.) Carryall Backpack
There are hundreds of hunting pack options, ranging from heavy-duty rail haulers to fast and light day packs. With a quality pack your hunter can carry water, food, a survival blanket, a jacket, a first-aid kit, and more.


11.) Ear Plugs
As hunters have ear plugs for sighting in rifles or shooting clay pigeons, this is a can’t-go-wrong gift in an affordable price range. Just pop them in whenever you need them. It’s a great stocking-stuffer.


12.) Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but other elements in nature, all while assisting you to see sharper and clearer.

13.) Insulated Drink Bottle
Brands like Hydroflask come in all different sizes and will keep drinks cold or hot for up to 24-48 hours at a time.

14.) Ammo Gift Box
What better way to gift a hunter than with an ammo gift box? Once they unwrap the gift they can use the box for storage or display.

15.) First-Aid Kit

 Out of our top 15 list, a first-aid kid is probably most important gift you could get for a hunter if they’re without one. They’re just as important for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor adventures too.


If you’re still looking to think out of the box, there are other ways to brainstorm gifts for hunters. Has your hunter complained about their binoculars fogging up? Is their old backpack finally falling apart? Are they looking to get into smoking their meats? Instead of looking to purchase specialized high-end gear, focus on classic gifts in affordable price ranges that your hunter will have for years down the road.