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3 Must-Knows for Idaho Elk Hunting in the Sawtooth Elk Zone

1. Sawtooth Elk Tags are Limited

Competition is fierce before the hunt even begins in the scenic backcountry of the Idaho Sawtooth Wilderness. The elusive Sawtooth Elk A and B tags are capped and consistently sell out within minutes. The upcoming Sawtooth Zone Elk Season General A tag is limited to 1,000 tags, while General B tag is limited to 1,800 tags for participation and harvest regulations.

Commissioners adjust the availability for Sawtooth Zone elk tags on a seasonal basis. One half is allocated to the Idaho Department of Fish and game offices and vendors where hunting enthusiasts camp out overnight to secure their spot. The remaining tags are dedicated to online sales.


2. Sawtooth Elk Hunting Areas are Restricted

The Sawtooth Wilderness is 128,579 acres of federally designated wilderness. Only 7.91% of the total area is reserved for elk, waterfowl, upland bird, and other big game hunting. The Sawtooth Elk Zone is comprised of GMU(s) 33,34,35, and 36. These units are primarily comprised of the Boise, Valley, Blaine, and Custer counties in Idaho.

Sawtooth elk a tags permit archery hunts of either sex elk within units 33,34,35,and 36. Sawtooth elk b tags permit the hunt of male elk with any weapon within units 33,34,35, and 36.


3. Elk Hunting Guides are Essential

Idaho locals are given priority to the bulk of tag sales. The tag quota for non-residents is extremely restricted and requires a valid non-resident hunting license for purchase. Secure your elk hunting trip with an authorized guide for these additional benefits.

Migratory Patterns Expertise

Outfitters are experts in the seasonal migratory distance and elevation of elk species within their designated territories. They can predict where the species are in their migratory process based on time of year, weather conditions, and available resources.

Bugling Expertise

During the fall elk mating season, bulls have a distinctive call that is used to assert dominance and attract cows. Outfitters are skilled in bugling to elicit a response from the bull to determine its location or attract the target to your location. They also understand herd dynamics and the volume necessary to execute a powerful call.  

Safety and Transport

Outfitters are highly trained to provide the most reliable equipment and handling procedures that ensure all safety standards are met. They are specialists in their hunting grounds and have extensive knowledge of area access points and features for navigating the wild with minimal disruption and maximum yield. Transportation is provided to and from outlets including harvest assistance.


Elk Hunting Guides in Idaho

Our featured elk hunting guides are vetted by hunting enthusiasts and the pros. These Sawtooth elk hunting area experts will get you the most out of your elk hunting trip.

Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters

Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters is a 40-year family run business specializing in Idaho big game hunting, including the prized Sawtooth Elk. They customize each wilderness excursion and offer something for everyone including family adventure packages and western horseback riding.

Korell Outfitters

Korell Outfitters is family owned and operated by brothers Chris and Cody Korell. They have 38 years of experience guiding hunters along the Payette River in the breathtaking Sawtooth Range of Southwest Idaho.

The Sawtooth Elk Zone is a must-have on every hunter’s bucket list. Sawtooth elk season begins in August and wraps up in November each year. Preparation is key for a successful and memorable hunt in the Sawtooth Wilderness.


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