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10 Unique Venison Recipe Inspirations

Better known as deer meat, Venison is one of the most popular game meats, but it’s also one that’s usually more difficult to cook. As many know, the classic tried and true way to make the most of your deer harvest is by slow cooking your venison's toughest cuts. And while we think it’s good to stick to the classics, we also believe in mixing it up.

Here are 10 unique recipe inspirations to have your taste-buds craving more.

1.) Venison Sliders
Mix up your burger routine with some venison sliders. Consider adding some heat like hot peppers or a tomato chili jam.

2.) Jerky
Store bought jerky is packed with preservatives and is often ridiculously tough. Homemade venison jerky bursts with flavor and packs a tender bite.

3.) Venison Chili
The best part about this is you can take your favorite chili recipe and simply use venison instead of/in addition to beef! No added fuss. (Don’t forget a side of cornbread!)

4.) Pan Roasted
Pair up pan roasted venison with some creamy garlic mashed potatoes and spinach and you’ve got yourself a hearty comfort meal worthy of an expensive steakhouse.

5.) Meat pie
Swap out beef for venison to really boost the flavor of a classic meat pie! Venison and a flaky crust are a match made in heaven.

6.) Venison Curry Meatballs
Curry powder will really transform these meatballs into an entirely different flavor profile. If you’re sick of plain old spaghetti & meatballs, swap the marinara for chutney and consider giving this interesting combo a try.

7.) Sloppy Joe
Another perfect opportunity to swap out beef with venison. Skip the store-bought mixes and whip up an easy sloppy joe sauce (it’s made with common condiments you probably already have in the pantry!) Both parents and kids will love it.

8.) Venison Philly Cheessteak Dip
The ultimate party food! Impress your Super Bowl crowd with a new take on the ultimate dip. Pair with your favorite tortilla chips and you’ve got a winning combo!

9.) Venison Enchilada
Another great opportunity to enhance a classic dish. Food like rice, beans, guac, and colby jack cheese all pair perfectly with venison.

10.) Venison Chops

Swap out dry pork with some juicy venison chops for a great weeknight meal. Top with a red wine mushroom sauce and some sautéed onions.

Venison’s popularity is on the rise and new recipes are frequently being posted. There’s a reason for that! It’s simply delicious. When you’re back from a hunt and looking for something different – experiment with a new venison recipe. You’ll be guaranteed a tasty high-profile flavor that will transform your family’s mealtimes.